marine au yeung

Currently a senior designer
building futures at Artefact




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A headshot of Marine smiling in a black turtleneck, TBA

Hi, I’m Marine. I’m a UX designer who turns blue sky visions into inclusive, tangible products. Or at least that’s the easiest box to put me into.

As someone who is always dreaming about the future and naturally detail-oriented, I specialize in envisioning products that might exist in five to ten years. My true strength lies in understanding nuances in social & cultural contexts and translating them into insightful designs that empower people in new ways.

I’ve been designing augmented reality products since 2015 and am passionate about the ways that emerging technology can serve to dismantle inequities in our systems. I especially enjoy creating deceptively simple solutions to complex problems that work seamlessly and delightfully for everyone.


UX strategy
UI design
Visual design
Interaction design
Motion design
Speculative design
3D modeling


Opportunities to take my product innovation expertise beyond early concepting phases and bring my strength in inclusive design to long term product development

Open to hybrid and in-person roles in US, Canada, EU, Korea, Hong Kong, and Shanghai

Find me at marineauyeung